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Techno Metal Post vs. Concrete
Comparison between using TMP versus the traditional concrete Sonotube foundation.

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TECHNO METAL POST specializes in permanent and temporary structure support. It is a reliable and recognized technology for the installation of metal post foundations drilled into the ground.

These Metal Posts or Helical Piles give the advantage of a FOUNDATION without costly excavation.



Techno Metal Post Features ::

National Building Code Approved  CCMC #13065-R
Environmentally Friendly
Adjustable mounting bracket for fine leveling
Bearing Capacity approved by Professional Engineers
Guaranteed against movement due to frost
Good for use in all types of soils and year round installation
Can be installed under existing structures and indoors if required


Building Code

Techno Metal Post is National Building Code Approved.  See CCMC report for more details...

Techno Metal Post Info

Techno Metal Post is protected from frost by utilizing our protective frost sleeve...

Technical Data

Techno Metal Posts come in various lengths and sizes to meet your requirements.    See the specifications...

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